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Big Hockey Pants For Big Guys

A few of our most asked questions at is, "Do you have big hockey pants" or "Do you have big hockey pants for big guys," and we are the only online hockey pant store with the best hockey pant brands and selection and discounted prices. Other questions like "I am a big guy with a waist size around 40-42 and wonder what hockey pant should I buy?" we have answered these questions and more below. Shop either of our Big Hockey Pants Depts:

  • Big Ice Hockey Pants
  • Big Inline Hockey Pants

Big Ice Hockey Pants Sizes For Big Guys Playing Ice Hockey

big ice hockey pants rocket scientist duh It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that big guys play hockey too! At we have the largest slection of BIG Ice Hockey Pants for the big guys playing at any level.

We normally think of these Big Guys in the sport of hockey;
big ice hockey pants worn by Zdeno Chara Zdeno Chara (zah- DAY-noh, CHA-rah)
NHL Boston Bruins
Number: 33
Height: 6' 9"
Weight: 255
Shoots: Left
Born: Mar 18, 1977
Birthplace: Trencin, Slovakia
Zdeno Chara is the tallest NHL Player of all time!
big ice hockey pants worn by Tyler Myers Tyler Myers
NHL Buffalo Sabres
Number: 57
Height: 6' 8"
Weight: 227 pounds
Shoots: Right
Born: Feb. 1, 1990
Birthplace: Houston, TX, United States
big ice hockey pants worn by Tyler Myers Chris Pronger
NHL Philadelphia Flyers
Number: 20
Height: 6' 6 "
Weight: 220 pounds
Shoots: Left
Born: Oct. 10, 1974
Birthplace: Houston, TX, United States
big ice hockey pants worn by Marty McSorley Marty McSorley - Brothers: Gerry McSorley, Chris McSorley
NHL Philadelphia Flyers
Number: 33, 55
Height: 6' 2 "
Weight: 235 pounds
Shoots: Right
Born: May 18, 1963
Birthplace: Cayuga, ON, Canada
big ice hockey pants worn by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson
"Tooth Fairy" Movie
Football Player, WWE Wrestler, Actor
Number: 33, 55
Height: 6' 2 "
Weight: 235 pounds
Shoots: Right
Born: May 2, 1972
Birthplace: Hayward, California, USA
big ice hockey pants worn by old fat big guy hockey
We appreciate the Big Guy, the Old Guy and the
Old Big Guy playing hockey...
big ice hockey pants worn by slap shot movie crew
big ice hockey pants worn by our customer

One of our very happy Big Hockey Pants Cutomers!
Also read our our customer pants reviews from other big guys happy with their big hockey pant products.

Big Hockey Pants Sizes For Big Guys Playing Inline Hockey

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Big Roller Hockey Pants Sizing Charts For Big Guys

Big Roller Hockey Pants Sizing Charts For Big Guys

Big Roller Hockey Pants For Big Guys Sizing Chart
Recommended Waist Size
26-30"28-32"30-34"32-36"34-38"36-40"38-42"40-44" 42-46"
32"35"37"39"41"43"45"46" 47"
27"28"30"32"33"33"34"35" 36"
38"40"42"43"44"45"46"47" 48"

*Recommended pant waist size is Valken's suggestions for their Valken pant waist but due to the construction of their pants they can accommodate larger and smaller pant waists than the recommended pant waist size, for this purpose they also list the MAX the waist can expand when fully stretched out. They do not list the MIN pant waist size because the pants can get very small.

NOTE: If in between sizes we recommend the larger size than the smaller size because you can always use hockey tape to bring in pants or hem them to be tighter. Pants that are too tight cannot be let our or stretched to be larger because they are constructed of Nylon not a cotton fabric.

Discount Big Inline Hockey Pants For Big Guys

Here are our section of discount big inline hockey pants for big guys which varies from Closeout Pants to product we always carry.

Big Roller Hockey Pants Reviews From Big Guys

Review by J. Thompson on Mar 30, 2011; 03:59pm PDT
2 of 2 people found this posting helpful
Valken Hockey Has Roller Hockey Pants For Big Guys Reviews

A pair of pants that will stand up to abuse, provide plenty of comfort, and look great doing it

So I just wanted to share my personal thoughts on the Fate pants. I bought a pair back in late August/early september last year and prior to that I was wearing Mission that time, there wasn't a lot of information available, and our local hockey shop owner didn't know much about them yet, but he had some on order. I found them here on this website and the price tag wasn't horrible, so I volunteered to be the guinea pig, threw my money down, and waited for a pair to be shipped to me. Out of the packaging, the first impressions were that Valken is not messing around. The material appeared to be of pretty decent quality, definitely on par with the more recognized brands.

The stitching throughout the pants was very well done, with no visible blemishes, no signs of unraveling, no loose ends or anything like I had almost expected to see. And the padding... it's probably some of the best padding I've seen. The knee padding is nice and thick, and the material looked like it was built to last. The hips, legs, lumbar, and crotch all have ample padding as well, and the large stretch panels in the crotch and knees were a welcome sight. The one other thing that stood out to me was the fabric pattern. The red piping was nothing unusual, but these pants just look, well, different. If you're a fan of Affliction or Ed Hardy clothing, you'll love Valken’s style. The standard-flared front and each leg were present, as were the bottom cuff bungees to adjust the inseam.

So how do they fit? Well to me, their sizes actually run a little big. But for me, that's not a bad thing. My old Mission pants were quite literally tearing at the seams; they fit me great in the waist but my legs were somewhat cramped in them (I'm a big guy). I also felt like they were a bit short through the inseam. When I ordered the Valken pants, I got them one size bigger, XL, and when I tried them on, I expected they'd be a little bigger, but I found that these pants are huge. The waist fit me very loosely at first as expected, but the adjustment straps allowed me to take up the slack for a perfect fit. The legroom was quite ample; I probably could have stuck with an L and had room to move, but I figured I'd just roll with these and enjoy the added comfort. The inseam is plenty long for even the tallest of the tall, and at 6'3" I actually had to take up a couple inches of slack out of the leg cuffs. That is the only negative thing I found regarding the pants. Take that for what it's worth, I'm not complaining, but it's something that others might want to consider.

Durability is always one of my biggest concerns, and again, Valken does not disappoint. For the last seven months, I have been at our indoor rink every single weekend, both playing and reffing, and often I'm there Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. So these pants have seen a lot of use. Our rink is a sport court surface, so I knew the knees would not be put to the test. So far I see no signs of wear at all on the knees, and only a few very minor abrasion marks on the hips, but the material is fully intact and showing no signs of unravelling. All of the seams are holding up very well.

Generally, I think the Fate pants are a great product. The price is really good for what you get, which is a pair of pants that will stand up to abuse, provide plenty of comfort, and look great doing it.


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