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FarParker Womens Hockey Fundraising, in association with Great Sponsors are proud to offer the 2013 FarParker Girls Charity Calendar. Their team came together to produce this high-quality calendar with sexy ladies and high performance cars to help raise funds for Hockey Fights Cancer, so please show your support and help battle the disease of Cancer!
The FarParker Girls 2011 Charity Calendar is helping raise funds for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of Canada. Please help support cancer research and finding a cure!

FARPARKER is a hockey everything company and web site in Vancouver, British Columbia and an H-Box affiliate. But what, you ask, is a Farparker? Some of you may already know…others may have their own definition(s). For our purposes, it’s simply a nickname. Farparker was given his name based on the prized parking selections made at local arenas…selections that allowed for anonymity…maybe some privacy…maybe some safety from careless door -dingers. Any maybe…well, quite possibly…some sense of distance or protection from the watching eyes of those who would frown upon his selection of beverage before each game. Well, the name is really for us to know, and for you to get to know. Think you know the Farparker? Send us your suggestions – we’d love to see if you’re right!

See our FarParker Girls Charity Hockey Calendars Here