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Ice Hockey Pants, Roller Hockey Pants & Inline Hockey Pant Equipment
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Tour Roller Hockey Pants

Tour Hockey Pants, Tour Roller Hockey Pants and Tour Inline Hockey Pants

Tour Hockey is a division of Roller Derby Skate Corp., an inline skate company that started manufacturing affordable quad and inline street hockey equipment in the late 1990's out of Litchfield, IL. USA.

One of their many partners, Precision Sports headed by Bob Labeda in the 90's and ending in the late 90's, supplied them with superior recreational wheels, race wheels and later hockey wheels and hockey frames for an outstanding product line of hockey equipment.

Tour Hockey Pants - A trusted roller hockey pant brand for professional leagues and amateurs, we have been involved with Tour Hockey since 1995 and we have a large selection of Tour hockey pants, Tour roller hockey pants, Tour inline hockey pants and Tour hockey pants equipment for great discounted prices at

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