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Bauer Ice Hockey Pants

Bauer Ice Hockey Pants, Bauer Hockey Pants and Bauer Hockey Pants Equipment

Bauer Hockey, Inc. (renamed Nike Bauer during 1995–2008) is one of the leading manufacturers of ice hockey equipment, fitness and recreational skates, and apparel. The hockey equipment that Bauer produces include helmets, gloves, sticks, skates, shin guards, pants, shoulder pads, elbow pads, as well as goalie equipment. Bauer was primarily a skate-maker prior to 1990, when it acquired the hockey assets of Cooper Canada Ltd. - WikiPedia Thanks!

Bauer Hockey - A trusted hockey pant brand for European leagues, the Olympics and the NHL, we also provide you with a large selection of Bauer hockey pants, Bauer ice hockey pants and Bauer hockey pants equipment for great discounted prices at