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What Equipment Do You Need to Play Roller Hockey?

Needed Roller Hockey Equipment Overview

Roller hockey has become a growing sport among adults and youth for both boys and girls. Professional roller hockey started in 1993 for those who wanted to pursue the sport as an adult. The roller hockey game is slightly different from ice hockey and some of the equipment is different as well. Purchasing used gear can help save on costs so consider it.

Head (Roller Hockey Helmet or Ice Hockey Helmet - {Optional Cage or Mask})

To protect the head, a helmet with a cage, mouth guard and neck guard will be necessary. The helmet should be snug but comfortable. Many youth helmets will expand to accommodate growing children. The helmet is meant to stay put during play and is, therefore, hard to snap. Younger children need help securing the helmet strap because their fingers might not yet be strong enough. The mouth guard needs to be fitted by placing it in a glass of hot water and then immediately putting in the mouth so it can mold to the mouth structure. The mouth guard protects the teeth and prevents the player from biting his tongue. A neck guard is often overlooked because players complain they are not comfortable. However, neck guards are designed to be more flexible and will absorb the shock of a stick blade or flying roller hockey pucks.

Upper Body

Protecting the upper body's internal organs and muscles will require a chest protector and shoulder pads. A pull-on chest protector called a padded hockey shirt is available that provides padding for the chest, shoulders and stomach. The extra protection over the stomach area will absorb the shock of a hockey stick, referred to as spearing. Elbow pads and hockey gloves are also required gear for roller hockey. Because the inside of gloves wear out quickly, it's best to purchase a new pair instead of used gloves.

Lower Body (Roller Hockey Compression Shorts & Cup /Roller Hockey Girdle / Roller Hockey Skin Pads / Roller Hockey Pants / )

Roller hockey requires a girdle that provides padding for the internal organs, spine, hips and upper legs. Some girdles come with an athletic cup holder, purchased separately. However, most males find this uncomfortable because it moves while playing. They prefer a separate athletic supporter and cup. Girls require a pelvic protector. Shin guards protect the knees and shins and are sold as one piece. Inline roller hockey pants are worn over top of the girdle and shin guards. The pants extend from the waist to the ankles and require a measurement before purchasing. Goalies wear the same goalie ice hockey pants and leg pads used in ice hockey.

Roller Hockey Skates / Roller Hockey Frames (chassis) / Roller Hockey Wheels / Roller Hockey Bearings

Roller hockey skates are listed as inline skates and should be tried on before purchasing. Roller hockey frames are made out of a strong, tough aluminum and attached with rivets, copper and brass are the strongest to the hockey boot allowing for more push and power with each stride, plastic frames bend and flex and sometime break when slap shots reflect off of them. Roller hockey wheels can be purchased separately after they wear out, eliminating the need to buy new skates. Roller hockey bearings or inline 608 abec skating bearings can be purchased in higher or lower quality depending on hockey player skill levels and needs.

Roller Hockey Pucks

Mach 1 roller hockey pucks

Roller Hockey Sticks and Tape

A hockey stick will need to be measured to extend from the floor to the player's chin. But this can vary depending on the player's comfort level. A left-handed player will require a left-handed stick and goalies need a stick designed specifically for goalies. Hockey tape is used to secure gear and cover the stick. This procedure is highly individual as some prefer not to use tape on their gear and some desire a specific way of taping their stick. Rinks with wood floors may prohibit black tape because it leaves marks on the floor.

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