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Roller Hockey Pants Resources

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Roller Hockey Pants Brands

Listed here are roller hockey pants brands listed alphabetically by company name. Learn more about roller hockey pants companies and many of today's best roller hockey pants brands for any roller hockey player of all skill levels. a href="" title=""> has provided a brief description for each roller hockey pants company to help you better understand the quality and style of hockey pant provided by each manufacturer. When ready to shop, simply click the link for the desired roller hockey pants brand. For roller hockey pants sizing information and help, we have provided size charts by brand name.

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Roller Hockey Pants Colors

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Roller Hockey Pants Sizing Charts

Hyper Roller Hockey Pant Sizing Chart

Hyper Roller Hockey Pant Sizing Chart

Hyper Roller Hockey Pant Sizing
Size Waist Size
Small 30" - 32"
Medium 32" - 34"
Large 34" - 36"
X-Large 36" - 40"
Hyper Junior Roller Hockey Pant Sizing
Size Waist Size
XX-Small 20" - 22"
X-Small 22" - 24"
Small 24" -26"
Medium 26" - 28"
Large 28" - 30"

Valken Roller Hockey Pant Sizing Chart

Valken Roller Hockey Pants Sizing Chart

Valken Roller Hockey Pants Sizing
Recommended Waist Size
28-32" 30-34" 32-36" 34-38"
35" 37" 39" 41"
28" 30" 32" 33"
40" 3542" 43" 44"

Valken V-Pro Hockey Pants Sizing Chart Download the Valken Roller Hockey Pants Sizing Chart PDF file.

More Roller Hockey Pants Sizing Charts Below

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